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Referral Campaign!


Earn FREE WonderCube by referring friends PLUS your last chance to take the UltimateCube “IRON” home!!!!


Fabulous! Together we made it over 300% of funding goal! THANK YOU all once again - we really couldn't be doing this without you! Let’s have some fun here to keep the momentum rolling~ “ WonderCube Referral Campaign! ”


Basically, by spreading the word via email, facebook, twitter or other social media, you can earn a FREE WonderCube every time a few of your friends contribute to any of the perks. You can earn up to 5 FREE WonderCube with your account. Once the campaign is over, we will reward you according to your amount of success referrals that convert to contributions. Our TOP FIVE Referrers will be granted with an UltimateCube “IRON” as the grand prize!

The Rewards:


  • If you refer four contributors ($196 up) – get a FREE WONDERCUBE

  • If you refer eight contributors ($392 up) – get 2 x FREE WONDERCUBEs

  • (…so on and so forth…up until you earn a max. of 5 x FREE WONDERCUBEs)

  • The TOP FIVE Referrers – get FREE ULTIMATE “IRON”

How to participate in the referral program:


Very simple. Log into your Indiegogo account. Be sure to use the same account you used when you claimed your WonderCube. Then, check the left side of our campaign video at the top of our indiegogo page for buttons to share and copy your unique special link. Start sharing the link to your fellow friends!

Here is how you get started:


Step 1.  Make sure that you’re logged in to Indiegogo.  You won’t get your unique link if not!








Step 2. Use the link button on the campaign page, on the left side of the video, to generate your unique special link:














Step 3. You’ll see a popup saying the link is copied to the clipboard.


Step 4. Now just share your unique special link! Use your social media like Twitters and FaceBooks, or just email it to your friends.  Anyone who makes a contribution after visiting the campaign page via that link will add to your total!












Here is how you can keep track of your referrals:


So, how do you know if it’s working?   It’s really really easy.


Step 1.  Log in to your Indiegogo account again (we've covered on the above...)


Step 2.  Click on your profile name on the top-right corner of the page.


Step 3.  Click on “My Contributions” in the drop-down.













Step 4.  Click “Referrals” on the page that comes up – there you’ll see a detailed history about all the Indiegogo campaigns you’ve shared, and how many of those shares have turned into funders!












That's it!


Got it? If you refer enough fellow friends for a reward, we’ll get in touch with you right after the campaign finishes to make any necessary arrangements. So get your link out there, help us spread the word, and get your FREE WonderCube and may be the exclusive Ultimate"IRON" also!


Thank you all once again – we really couldn’t make all these happen without you!

















  • The promoter of this Referral Campaign is Mutants DesignLab. 

  • Participation period starts on 3/27/2015 and ends on 4/15/2015. 

  • Contributors cannot receive referral credit for referring themselves. 

  • Of two contributors, only one can be the 'referrer' and receive campaign credit for the other's contribution.

  • Rewards of the campaign is not exchangeable with cash or other items. Rewards of the campaign is not transferable to others. 

  • Notification of rewards shall take place privately via email within (ten) 10 days after the closure of the participation period. 

  • Rewards must be claimed within one (1) week of the date of notification. All entitlement to rewards not claimed within this period shall be forfeited. 

  • Mutants DesignLab shall not be liable for any delay or failure to deliver the rewards due to any event beyond our control. Proof of posting will not be proof of delivery. 

  • Mutants DesignLab reserves the right to cancel or amend the terms and conditions as deemed necessary without any further notification. 

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