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WonderCube PRO  - Press Kit - 

Media Contacts:

  • Mobile essentials all-in-1 cubic inch

  • No more dangling cords ​

  • No hassle for carrying different accessories on the go

  • Complete Freedom

  • Type-C

  • Apple MFi Lightning ​

  • Micro USB

( compatible to latest phones, including iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8+, Samsung S8, S8+, Note 8 )

A Glimpse of Key Features:


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One Cable, All Devices 


  • Type-C, Apple MFi Lightning, Micro USB compatible.                ( including iPhone X, iPhone8, 8+, Samsung S8, S8+, Note 8)

  • No tangled cable. No Messy.

  • Integrated with a 3-inches foldout flexible USB cable.

  • Neatly folded in just 1-inch, the cable is safely protected without any exposed contacts.

  • Durable and compact. 

  • Designed to go with you everywhere.

WonderCube PRO - In Use:


Quick Charge Anywhere Anytime


  • Fast charging supports up to 3A.

  • Your fellow phone asks for juice all the time. Grab WonderCube to power it up on a trip, at cafe, in car, at work or anywhere on the go.

  • The built-in connectors ensure fast charge through any USB port to keep you stay connected.


Kick Stand (Portrait + Landscape)

  • Strong and reusable micro-adhesive backing (3M) 

  • Easily attach or detach on phone back panel as a stable kick stand.

  • Stick to different positions to adjust your best viewing angle.

  • Enjoy your favourite episode or facetime call on the go.

Extra Memory On The Go


  • Expand your phone capacity for extra 128GB.                  (OTG function works on Android devices only)

  • Share photo, music, movie during your next trip.

  • Works perfectly as a USB Flash Drive.

  • With built-in micro-SD card reader for easy expansion

NO MORE Drained Phone


  • Integrated with a battery charger, ready for emergency power boost anytime.

  • Grab a 9V battery from nearby store, plug to the cube to give an significant boost to your phone! Approx. 2-3hrs extra talking time for iOS and Android devices.

  • No more desperate feeling holding a drained phone.

Back Up Your Precious Moments Anywhere Anytime


  • Type-C, Apple MFi Lightning, Micro USB compatible.                ( including iPhone X, iPhone8, 8+, Samsung S8, S8+, Note 8 )

  • A quick handy cable for file transfer. To sync up your photo, music, video to your computer, even when network is not available.

Light Up Darkness Whenever Need


  • All-in-1 WonderCube Pro disguised as a handy LED keyring torch designed for your everyday journey.

Small Keyring, Big Peace Of Mind


  • Compact and ultra portable.

  • Fits naturally into your belongings.

  • It's pure design keeps a low profile without sacrificing functionality.

  • Snap it anywhere and have your mobile essentials always within reach!

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Limited Time Offer:


  • $35 Limited Early Bird (600 units) (half retail $69), advanced shipping by this Christmas 2017

  • $39 on extended campaign period starting December 10th 8AM EST until December 31st, shipping by March 2018

Indiegogo Quick Link:

Keyring Images:


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Key Takeaway:




What is WonderCube :

  • WonderCube is a micro all-in-1 charger that brings peace of mind to smartphone users. It unfolds in many ways to meet different needs: fast charging, sync, kickstand (portrait & landscape), expand memory or even give an emergency power boost to your phone. It disguises in a mini keyring torch, follows you everywhere.

  • 2nd gen WonderCube(PRO) features significant upgrades: All Devices Compatible (TypeC + Apple MFi Lightning + MicroUSB), fast charging speed (3A support), expanded memory capacity (128Gb support), strong & reusable micro-adhesive backing and reinforced light-weight material.

  • No more dangling cords; no hassle for carrying multiple accessories on the move; Complete Freedom.

  • Ultraportable – 1"L x 1"W x 1"H (1 cubic inch), only 18g

  • WonderCube 's build-in cable is compatible to all Type-C, Apple MFi Lightning and MicroUSB devices.

  • Raised 430k with over 6,700 backers on Indiegogo for 1st gen WonderCube, shipped successfully in June 2016.

  • 2016 CES Innovation Awards, Best Portable Power Award, Best Handset Accessory Award. 

Why it matters :

  • WonderCube provides an innovative “tiny” solution to put an end to the chaos which smartphone users commonly have: there’s an army of accessories to carry: the tangled cables, power bank, stand, memory devices...etc. Existing all-in-1 devices are either too heavy or sized even bigger than our phones.

  • WonderCube eliminates the hassle of carrying tangled cables and loads of accessories by combining the essentials into one sleek design, in smallest size possible.


  • WonderCube brings peace of mind by enabling you to bring minimal (volume of just 1 cubic inch!) and have all you need always within reach.


  • WonderCube is super tiny and lightweight. It features a sleek, compact design that fits naturally into your belongings and style.

About Us :

  • WonderCube was invented by award designer, Him Ng (founder of Mutants DesignLab) in 2014 after he realised that there has to be a better way to accommodate our needs on the go with smartphone. He tired of carrying around bulky and easy-to-forget accessories like cables, charger, phone stand...

  • Headquartered in Hong Kong. The Team of Mutants DesignLab is committed to design products aiming to make life easier and better for smartphone users to charge and use smartphones while hanging out together and on the go.    



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